Monday, December 21, 2009

Brittany Murphy Death Hoax

Everytime a celebrity dies, we all question its validity. But the facts are in Britney Murphy dies and its reported on the news and internet. Yet still people rebut it. It seems its just something for some people to talk about. Stir up trouble and rumors. Although it doesn't hurt them, it hurts the family of the deceased. Why is it when a bigfoot siting gets reported it has more credibility than a celebrity death?
Britney Murphy acquaintance and co-worker Cheryl Shuman, Executive Director Beverly Hills NORML90210 left this message:

“Britney Murphy died of NATURAL CAUSES most likely. I've known Britney Murphy since I worked with her on Clueless and continued to be acquainted with her over the past several years. She is a lovely young woman, full of grace, kindness and was a ray of sunshine on every movie set or charity event that I've ever encountered with her. I'm deeply saddened and shocked by her death. I'm also angry at the insensitive comments left by some anonymous people accusing her of drug use. Brittany has died of natural causes and has had health issues in the past with asthma and diabetes from my understanding. I would ask that people be respectful of the family, especially her fantastic mother, Sharon. My prayers go out to Brittany and her loved ones during this horrible tragedy.

God bless you Brittany, you are already tremendously loved and missed.”

People have always said brittany murphy was too skinny, or that she was a drug user. I believe it was both that spelled her end.

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